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The Rise of the Bedroom Producer.....

Now, bedroom producer, is not a term I like very much - even though I’m currently sitting in a bedroom that was turned into a studio, writing this….

But, what does this all mean…

I saw a post recently, where an indie artist mentioned they wouldn’t be putting out any new music for a while, as they paid for studio time, someone to produce the music, session players and someone to mix and master. The costs to produce one song, are now too prohibitive for an artist, who is not making anywhere near enough money back, to continue working this way.

It got me to thinking. A few years back, I paid a producer to produce and mix one of my songs - I Will Not Surrender. When I got the finished, mixed track back, it sounded great, so I quickly sent it off to be mastered, by a proper engineer. Again, that came back and sounded fantastic. All in, I probably paid just over £200 for that one single.

But, the more I listened to it, as I was thinking about a release date, the more I realised it was lacking something. I couldn’t work out what it was. Then it hit me. It was lacking ME. I had this track built up in my head how I thought it should sound and what I had, as good as it was, just wasn’t as big, as powerful as I heard it in my head.

So I made the decision to put that track on hold and learn how to do all of the production, mixing and mastering myself. I might not be perfect, but I think I can get far enough along that road, to be happy with how it sounds.

This brings me back to the rise of the bedroom producer. The technology at our fingertips now, everything in a couple of boxes, creating marvellous noise, gives the indie artist the power to write their own path in their journey to release their music and hopefully turn a lot of ears towards them, growing their listener base.

We can self release for a reasonable amount nowadays and we can release whenever and however we want. The only thing stopping us, is our own creativity.

If an artist needs help, they only need ask, as the indie scene has a vast amount of people willing to help.

I think the bedroom producer is going to be around for a very long time, at least until we can all make a decent living off the music and then we can think of walking through the doors of a proper studio again.

and as for that song - I Will Not Surrender - I am still polishing it, but it sounds exactly how I imagined and will be released at some point this year......

R x

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