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Revisiting an Old Flame.....

Updated: Jan 22

Ah, now I bet you thought you were going to come into this blog, thinking I was going to talk about whether you should get back with an ex-partner or first love...

Nope, not quite like that anyway.

This is about whether we should go back and revisit a song we have already committed to the world, or those dusty old tracks from a by-gone age, when we were younger and not as assured of the songwriting and production, that would come with time and experience.

Well, should you....?

I think that question is open for debate and really lies within ourselves. Some may see the older, released track as a time stamp, to show how far you have progressed. Keep in mind, we are not talking about mainstream/professional releases here. Others may see it as an evolutionary step, that once you can, you want to go back and do a - let's say Director's Cut - and add all the sheen, CGI and wonders that you have learned since.

Does this mean you should - well you don't have to, but you can if that is how you feel about your old recordings. I might dabble in it from time to time going forward, but I'm not going to spend all the time I could be using to complete new music, tinkering with already released tracks.

As for the old, dusty, lying on a hard drive somewhere tracks that you and time have forgotten. Well then, yes, I think you should look to get the feather duster out and have a look at them. You might surprise yourself and like me recently, find some gems that just need that extra hand that you developed since you last met.

I have an extensive (into 280gb and thousands of tracks) list of old ideas and almost finished tracks, that I either moved on from as another idea came to me, or I just didn't know how to finish, or like George Lucas with Star Wars, I had to wait a few years for technology (and my bank balance) to catch up with how I imagined those lost souls I left along on the shelf, while their brothers and sisters were getting all the attention.

Well now it's their turn. My plan is to revisit quite a few of these tracks over the coming months and do, what I didn't do before - finish them - the way they should have been.

Now, what form that takes, I do not know yet. I have tinkered with the idea of a Lost Souls EP, with songs from different years that I started them - e.g. 2017 / 2018 and so on.

How much work I put into them, I also don't know. I think some are actually okay how they are and should be preserved that way, with a bit of a mix and master. After all, they are still all works in progress and some people like to hear that.

There is also the option of adding them to upcoming releases, as part of an EP, but then I might do a mixture of both - who knows - especially with me.....

If you want, you can let me know what you think....

Anyway, must dash, much to do and so little time to do it all.

Till next time.

R x

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