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I'm Back!!

Okay, after a bit of soul searching in relation to what I was doing and wanted from my music, I have decided to just go ahead and get on with it. It will be what it is. If people want to listen and follow/buy, then I will be happy with that.

So to that, I have a new (as in very new) track that was started and finished this week, called 'Deliver Me'.

Some people have already heard it and told me to get it out for release as soon as possible, using such lovely words like 'brilliant' and 'amazing', so who am I to disappoint.

Deliver Me will be released on Friday 6th December 2020 on Bandcamp (yes, I know... it's Bandcamp Friday, but that was just a coincidence honestly) and will be available on all streaming sites from Friday 4th December 2020.

It will have the single mix, extended mix and a little soundtrack type instrumental I threw together just for this release called The Forbidden Garden.

After that, a track I wrote a couple of months ago, called 'Lost and Found' will get a release. It's been 95% complete for a while and should have been finished and released before now, but hey - mid-life crisis!!!

Then it is just the matter of choosing the next couple of singles after that and putting the finishing touches to the next album, titled 'The Dreams We've Made'. All of the songs are fairly close to being finished, minus a few tweaks and new vocals for some. That will hopefully see a release in the first quarter of next year, all going well.

For 2021, I am hoping to keep the releases flowing, as there are enough new tracks for another couple of albums after that and that's not taking into account the hundreds of tracks that were written prior to 2020, that I need to finish, as well as wanting to go back and re-master/re-produce some of the older released tracks as a collection album.

Anyway, I hope you like what's to come.



aka Jigsaw Sequence

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