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Who is Jigsaw Sequence?

Jigsaw Sequence is the artist name for me - Richard Tracey.

I'm a singer, songwriter, musician and producer from Scotland.

I grew up in the 70's and 80's listening to all this amazing music on the radio, dreaming of being able to make something as incredible as those songs I heard. 

From about 16 years of age, I had ideas floating about in my head, melodies and lyrics, but I never learned to play an instrument. I don't know why, as I had plenty of opportunity to learn piano, guitar and drums.

The years went on, but that itch to create something never left me. I would dabble with little piano pieces from time to time, but that was about it.

In 2012, I decided to purchase a MacBook, as I was intrigued with GarageBand and using a M-Audio Axiom controller keyboard, I set about trying to write some music. I realised quite quickly, that the ideas were bursting out of me and that GarageBand was not going to fulfil what I had in mind.

So I moved on to Logic Pro and I have been using that ever since. The MacBook has been upgraded a couple of times since and my collection of hardware and software has increased massively, but they help me create those ideas I have floating about in my head - sometimes as many as a dozen a day.

The music I create, is inspired by the best of the 80's synthpop bands and also my love of soundtrack music. I try to create that 80's sound, but with a modern production and a 'big' cinematic feel.

I have been self releasing my music since late 2017 and all my music can be found on the majority of music platforms, where it can be purchased or streamed.

I am also a part of the growing and very exciting indie synth scene and have worked with other artists - including FUSED (who helped me in the beginning with production on my tracks and who still offers advice). I have remixed and produced other artists as well and always find working on someone else's music to be an honour.

Well that's enough about me. I hope you enjoy what you hear. Cheers.....

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